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We are passionate about 
activating people - all year long.

That is why we now are launching memberships in Skimore.


(0-6 years)

(NOK 1 188,-  a year)


(Junior, adult & senior)

(NOK 3 348,-  a year)


(Up to 2 adults and up to 3 kids in same household
0-17 Years)

(NOK 8 748,-  a year)

As a member of Skimore you get:

  • Free access to Oslo Winter Park and Oslo Summer Park (H&L Climbing Park)
  • Free access to Drammen Ski Center and Drammen Activity Park (Hiking, downhill biking and climbing parks)


In addition, you have the following membership benefits:

  • 1 free day pass in Trysil*
  • 1 free day pass in Hemsedal*
  • NOK 350 for complete overhaul of the ski sole
  • 20% discount on weekend  courses
  • 20% discount on rental of skis and bikes
  • 2 months free Viaplay (new customers only)


In order to receive the offer with a free ski day, every person, from the age of 7, must register with their own MySkistar account.


Once the membership is subscribed, the amount is deducted from your account once a month with a 12-month fixed term, completely interest-free and fee-free.
No registration fee.

1 year rolling subscription. Can be terminated freely within 4 weeks before expiry, but is valid and payable monthly for 12 installments. Any price changes must be notified and give full right to cancel before the binding period is over.

NB! Visits to the climbing parks require advance booking of climbing harnesses / equipment.

Membership for you and / or your child under 18 is created in Skimore as follows:

1. Create a profile (you as the guardian) - feel free to post a picture
2. Choose a simple membership
3. Say no to the question if you are part of the purchase
4. Post all the info and picture to your child. Mobile numbers are only required if they are 16 years and older.
NB! If the child has downloaded the app and has already created a profile - make sure it posts a picture in their app as well. This is done under My Account in the app. It will fail if you try to post a photo from your app to the child if it already has its own profile.
5. Add payment method

It is only possible to purchase membership through the Skimore app. 





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